Traffic to Your Website


3 Methods of Getting Free Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Traffic to Your Website! Traffic is your lifeblood of your Internet business. Without traffic, no one will get your products, services or information that you promote to them or they will be on your competitor’s site. So how do you go about obtaining targeted traffic? I will disclose 3 methods that work to get those hungry customers to your site. Lets get started are more detail later if you already know these methods, but in fact, I will go over them now! 한국사 시험 일정

Method # #1 – SEO

Search Engine Optimization is not rocket science and can be simple, but it is also very time taking and results often take longer to see than a PPC campaign. This process entails a lot of research and hard work and having some knowledge of the way the search engine works. The most important aspect of SEO is on page optimization and is known as the algorithms.

Method #2 – AdWords

Unfortunately this is not as targeted as Search Engine Optimization but it will give you a second shot at those visitors who are interested in your product or service. Often these are leads that then become customers. Pay-per-click offers give you the opportunity to have them click the link on your page that says “buy” or “buy” from your site, which leads them to your site.

Method #3 – Affiliate Marketing

This method also needs a lot of time and research, and again you must have some knowledge on a niche and product. The best aspect of this method is that you have no competition. By choosing a niche and product to promote, that a lot of people are spending money and shopping on it. Most this way, you can become an affiliate marketer for free. You are therefore 100% advertising your product or service and getting people to link your product to yours if they like it and they will keep buying. You will also have links placed to your new products that are on sales pages that you have paid to keep the visitors to your site coming back for more of your products or services! It’s no wonder the big companies spend millions of dollars in advertising a year!

In all these article I mentioned AdWords, but these three methods and I am sure there are other ways too.

Now that you know some ways of getting targeted traffic, lets discuss some of the methods of generating free targeted traffic.

Method #1 – Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a very popular method of generating free traffic, also known as viral traffic. This is because once your links are bookmarked by visitors, it will be displayed all over the internet. You can find these sites by searching for on any search engine. Many different sites and processes are included in each bookmark site, therefore its my opinion then submit your web site to a few those sites. This helps bring a lot of traffic to you internet business. The more sites submit your link to, the more chances you gain of getting free targeted traffic.

Method #2 – Blogging

Blog’s are also a great way to get free targeted traffic. Blogs can be out of your control, but if you post regularly to one blog and include links back to your site in the blog, you will be able to get traffic. I say, by putting the link on a blog, this is like a bonus point for them to put your web site on their blog along with your site. They will for the most part do this for you, however keep in mind, there is a lot more competition with blogs than with the web sites. Just be creative with the subject and your way to post.

Method #3 – Traffic Exchange

This is a great source for some normal traffic and you should have a decent amount of extra traffic if you have done some SEO. The problem here, is the traffic from these sites are very untargeted. If you are just starting out with this or you want to get a few extra days of traffic from free sources, this may help. You will have to use these sites on a consistent basis, which can be very time consuming and difficult if you don’t know what you are doing.

I hope this contributed to a better understanding on how to get free targeted traffic and if you follow all the methods mentioned here, you should do well.