Abnormal Hair Growth

Abnormal Hair Growth

Abnormal Hair Growth

The condition known as Polycythemia Vera is best described as a fatty build up of hair particularly the very long kind that stretches the entire length of the hair. The condition is actually common among women but it can also be found among men. In this article, I am going to talk about what causes this condition and about how to stop it.

The specialists of dermatology will not only tell you that this is a benign condition but they will also point out that this is caused by abnormal hair growth. However, before you can do something about it, it is first important to determine the cause of the hair growth in your body.

There are several possible causes of this condition. Some of them are straightforward like rushing the production of a hormone called thyroxin. However, some of the causes of the excess hair growth may be as follows:

– Increased production of hair granulation tissue during shedding of hair that is unbalanced.

– There is improper co literacy movement between periods of growth and shedding of hair.

– Normalization of hormones during periods of shedding leads to development of mane hair follicles.

– Cells undergoing puberty are sometimes able to produce larger amounts of hormones before they mature and this causes the emergence of “mac dyke” hair.

The following are factors that favor the abnormal growth of hair in the body:

– Overproduction of hormones particularly when there is no growth or very little.

– The overproduction of certain hormones by the adrenal gland which controls the secretion of cortisol and adrenaline.

– The overproduction of certain hormones by the pituitary gland which stimulates the growth of hair especially long hair.

– Some other immune dysfunctions such as the following contagious dysfunctions:

– Lupus

– Sickle cell disease

– Hepatitis

– Cancers


– Lupus complications

– Hypothyroidism

– Acromegaly

The condition is not very serious. It is not always the result of some underlying medical condition. Sometimes, even the slightest physiological dysfunction can cause it. However, you should not be careless even if you notice something untoward. Sometimes, acute or chronic illnesses can also lead to this. It is not very painful but the hair loses itsositivity and the scalp is at greater risk of being dandruff’d. 조루치료

You can prepare an herbal shampoo for dandruff treatment that can effectively get rid of the dead skin on your scalp. You can also use a mold killing soap that can thoroughly clean your mold and fungus affected nails. You can use several bottles of shampoo and use the one at the beginning of the hair loss episodes.

You can consume a balanced diet that is rich in organic food only. This will help you better immune system therefore, better treatment of dandruff disease. You should avoid several chemical products that are normally used in the hair salon. You have to take care that the shampoo does not contain a number of chemical additives.