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“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonders forever”
Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910-1997), French Marine Explorer 

That is why we at Divewerkz are so passionate about scuba diving. If you have done scuba diving before, you know what we mean. 

Like many of our previous scuba diving students you will feel that things are a little bit different at Divewerkz. All our scuba diving trips are fully customised to exactly fit the needs of our customers.

If you are looking for personalized service from dedicated instructors, tailor-made schedules, highest quality and safety along with a lot of fun then please do contact Divewerkz to make your scuba diving wishes come true. We are looking forward to it!

See what Action Asia, a renowned outdoor magazine, has to say about personalized scuba diving courses in their article (pdf 1,631 kb).

We would be happy if you would join us for our scuba diving trips again this year, either to Tioman over a weekend (unlike most other dive shops in Singapore, with Divewerkz you can still enjoy (or work on…) your Friday night here as we leave only on Saturday early mornings) or on some of the overseas trips in the region.  For more details see our dive trip schedule.

To offer our customers good value on scuba diving equipment, we have partnered up with one of the biggest dive shops in Singapore. You can enjoy 15% discount on all major brands and models. Do check out our dive equipment page if you are looking for a new BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask, fins or accessories.

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